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A Confession

How Fun-O-Cakes got started.

Hello! I created Fun-O-Cakes because I love everything about funnel cakes: the rich unforgettable scent, the beautifully simple contrast the cake and toppings make, the burst of vibrant flavor and the satisfaction of crunching into an all-American classic carnival treat.

Well, you probably get the idea.

Ever been to the Orange County Fair? I’ve been going every year since I was a child, almost as long as I can remember. That’s really where the Fun-o-Cakes adventure begins and where memories of amusement park delights still come flooding back every time I crunch into my own handmade funnel cakes.

Back then, fairs and amusement parks were often the only places you could get funnel cakes and I looked forward to getting one each and every summer; even more than the rides, games and animals! In fact, I can’t believe I used to wait an entire year for the carnival to roll in just to enjoy funnel cakes.

Just like back then, I still visit the fair every year because it is a tradition that I have passed on to my own daughter.

A long-standing family tradition turned into a profitable business.

Luckily, I got older and I learned how to make my own funnel cakes and eventually, I got really, really good at it.

Thanks to a good old family tradition and inspiration from my young daughter Fun-O-Cakes exists!

During our yearly visit to the fair my daughter said, “I wish I could have these all the time!” as she happily bit into a delicious funnel cake… and a light bulb clicked on in my mind. Why not?

A chance conversation earlier that day sealed the deal. I’d chatted with a co-worker about a summer-long series of weekend concerts being staged in a nearby park. I knew there were going to be other food vendors and I thought, “Would there be funnel cakes, too? Then it hit me, you bet there would be – and I’d be the one delivering!”

It might have been a snap decision, but it turned out great and I was online booking a concession booth and ordering the equipment I needed as soon as we got home. It was then Fun-O-Cakes was born and I have never looked back since.

It is not all about the business of funnel cakes.

Fun-O-cakes is not just a family business and it is not just about funnel cakes. We also offer dessert catering services, fund raising opportunities and have a host of other carnival treats like snow cones, kettle corn and churros.

We believe in living life to the fullest, having fun and doing what we love even if that means an impromptu dress up for 70’s disco night!

“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life,” a famous quote by Mark Anthony is our mantra and how we operate our business.

We are mobile – if you want to know where we will be each day simply follow us on our social media platforms, check the home page for our booking calendar. or use the form below.

Catering Services

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