Fun O Cakers Fun

We salute the funny, crazy and wacky side of our fans with Fun-O-Caker fun.

Do you have a Fun-O-Cake story, smile or recipe to share with the world? Of course, you do – everyone does! If you send it to us, you just might be part of our next month’s Fun-o-Caker page!

Fun-O-Caker Smile of the Month

Fun-O-Caker Video of the Month

Fun O Cake Fun from Fun-O-Cakes on Vimeo.

“We are Just having some fun splashing around”

Fun-O-Caker Creation of the Month

“How can you not want one of these?”

Yes young ladies we are talking about the funnel cakes now.

Fun-O-Caker Events

Milliken Cheer Low Rider Show from Fun-O-Cakes on Vimeo.

Tell us your Fun-O-Cakes Story

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