Promotional items are excellent marketing solutions for your business. Several companies in South Africa specialise in distributing branded pens to businesses in the country. You can find suitable pens to conduct a marketing campaign. This is the ideal and best cost-effective way of building a brand image.

The Iconic Pen

Mont Blanc pens were created in 1906; with a long history behind it, the brand has made a name in the industry having made writing implements with exacting standards and [] innovation. Although, it has a French name, it is indisputably German and this is seen in the attention given to its details. With this German pen you can create flawless sleek lines. In 1924, the brand made its defining success by creating the ‘Masterpiece’ product; its typical black finish as well as the 3 gold rings. Later, the magical figure 4810 was engraved on its nibs. This is a writing implement used by celebrities and superstars. Mont Blanc is a simple yet elegant pen with a price tag that is prohibitive. So, if you are looking for luxury promotional items, this is the product.

The Historic Pen

There are several suppliers of promotional pens in South Africa; you can contact them for your marketing campaign. Since everyone uses a pen on a daily basis, the product is ideal for promoting your brand. Convey your message and promote your brand through these simple writing implements. With the logo of your company emblazoned on it, your brand is likely to travel across regions and countries. However, if you want to gift your valued clients with a luxury item, select Parker pens. This brand was manufactured in the U.S in 1888; the Parker 51 was born when the company made the Quink that used quick-drying ink; this was a historical achievement. The pen signifies quality, steadfastness, tradition and prestige.

Luxury Promotional Pens

Are you considering luxury promotional pens for your marketing drive? If so, Cross pens are ideal because they stand for unsurpassed quality, design ingenuity and a rich heritage. Imagine giving this as a gift to your valued clients, employees and colleagues! Your brand name will be enhanced and you can see your sales increase. Customise the pen and show your brand excellence by engraving your logo on it. Your competitors will begin to sense your market presence and feel threatened. Waterman pens made in 1884 were elegantly designed and it was indeed a significant invention. Before this discovery, people used dip pens which necessitated a bottle of ink to be carried along. This pen used a capillary feed which allowed the flow of ink. This historic invention combined innovation, excellence and design.

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